I worked with aclient that would like to remain anonymous on this project. This is a Facebook Graph auto research tool that is capable of performing various FQL queries and curls in order to provide extremely in-depth statistics and analytical patterns/behaviors based on any combination of a Facebook Page, Facebook Friend, Public Status, Public Facebook Information or known facts of a person. This is not the original, it has been simplified down for public use, on desktop computers. The orignal is hush-hush and is intended to be run on a extremely powerful Dedicated Server.
I worked with Sylius and Symfony on this project. I love the sylius github repository, but I felt the Sylius project could be improved on in the templating department. So I forked the project and updated all the code to the latest version of Symfony and added a custom authentication provider to use instead of the friends of symfony. The speed has improved dramatically and it can be used for any type of e-commerce on the symfony framework.
 Started working as QA Tester | PHP Developer
 Ever heard someone complain/claim that Facebook doesn't allow hashtags? I beg to differ, here's proof you can search public hashtags just like Twitter.
I worked with Facebook on this project. Sick of all that unnecessary noise on your news feed and miss how Facebook use to only display friend statuses and nothing else? This FB app displays all your Facebook's friends statuses, while ignoring everything else on your news feed. Each link is clickable and redirects you to the original on facebook.com With the unecessary noise removed, browsing statuses is easy again! This app uses the same theme I used on Davideugenepeterson.com. This project demonstrates I know how to use FQL and CURL in a professional setting.
I worked with Perfectly Posh on this project. Created a website using Symfony 2. Any more details can not be released, demonstrates mastery of the Symfony Framework.
I worked with Perfectly Posh on this project. Created a commerce site using drupal. Any more details can not be released, demonstrates use of commerce in Drupal.
 Your currently using this project, everything on here was created from scratch without any secondary templates. I used PHP, SQL, HTML and advanced CSS to bring you this page. This site is running on a self managed Apache server, that Aaron Hinton and I built.
I worked with App Jester on this project. I managed and updated info on the site.
I worked with App Jester on this project. I created the Html and CSS layout for Appjester's coming soon page.
I worked with George Shank and App Jester on this project. I created the: Timezone converter, Login algorithm, address string -> Lat/long converter, event manipulation algorithm, Ajax Live search, dynamic dropdown list, auto password and login mailing system, dynamic event filter, breadcrumb navigator, my events filter page, auto event hide based on timezone, zipcode filter
Project Trail Roots - Aug 9th, 2011
 Website and IOS app will be non-profit. Money has never been the reason why I code. It just doesn't feel right charging others to use this product. This IOS app will allow users to identify a plant simply by taking a picture of it. Using a comparative algorithm, the image will be synchronized with a diverse online collection of similar looking plants and textual meta tags. Once your picture is linked to the proper plant; its characteristics will be displayed. There is a online community for debuting mismatches and for sharing information regarding plant taxology with other users. Everything on the ios app database will be used on the website portion.
I worked with Aaron Hinton and Michael Morgan on this project. We created this site for a F.B.L.A. competition back in high school. Future Business Leaders of America is one of the largest business career student organization in the world. The high school division has over 215,000 members. We ended up placing first In the state of Utah and went on to compete in the Florida Nationals. I removed the database, but the websites design is still intact.
I worked with Aaron Hinton on this project. We built this website for a company called Black Dirt Organics to advertise: Fulvic Bloom and Bio-Microbial Bloom. The actual website can be found Here. The design has changed since we worked on it, neither of us are responsible.